Iñaqui Carnicero juror in Europan 14 Competition in Sweden

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Explore our exciting sites at Trelleborg and Karlskrona; both centrally located and on the sea, but facing fairly different challenges.

Read more about the site [Sjöstaden] in Trelleborg

Read more about the site [Hattholmen] in Karlskrona

We’re proud to present our Jury:

Anders Olausson (SE) (Chairman) | Senior Lead Architect | Wingårdhs

Sabine Müller (DE) | Architect and urban designer, Professor of urbanism at the Oslo School of Architecture and Design | SMAQ Architektur und Stadt

Henrietta Palmer (SE) | Research leader | Mistra Urban Futures

Iñaqui Carnicero (ES) | Architect, Principal | RICA Studio

Sam Jacob (UK) | Contributing editor for Icon & Dezeen, Editor of the “Strange Harvest”, Director | Sam Jacob Studio ltd

Sabina Richter (SE) | Landscape Architect, Cofounder | 02 Landskap

Fredrik Drotte (SE) | Architect, Head of City Development | Upplands Väsby

Please check as well to stay updated about the competition and the competition sites.

To get in touch with the Swedish Europan Secretariat, check our “WHO” section. Contact information for each site is available in the full site briefs.

Iñaqui Carnicero invited to Tulane University Lecture Series 2017

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  • Monday, January 23, 2017 – 6:00pm
  • Room 201 Richardson Memorial Hall (Thomson Hall)
  • Evolving Practice Lecture Series Poster
  • Carnicero Lecture Poster

A reception will be held prior to the lecture in the Favrot Lobby at 5pm. The lecture will begin at 6pm. This event is free and open to the public. AIA credits will be offered for this lecture.

The Uncertain Future Life of Our Buildings

Iñaqui Carnicero is an architect and educator. His academic experience includes 12 years of teaching at E.T.S.A.M. and 4 years at Cornell University as the Gensler Visiting Professor and as a Visiting Assistant Professor. Since 2012, he has also run the office Rica Studio with partner Lorena del Rio.

He was recently awarded with the Golden Lion at the Venice Architecture Biennale 2016 as co-director of the Spanish Pavilion for the design and the curation of the exhibition ”Unfinished.” Carnicero has won several international competitions and completed projects, including CEU Polytechnic University, Social housing in Vallecas 29, a High School in Albacete, the restoration of an Arab tower in Guadalajara, Hangar 16 Matadero-Madrid at the former Slaughterhouse of Madrid, and the Pitch´s house.

His work has been recognized with the AIANY Housing Award 2015, Design Vanguard Award 2012, Hauser Award 2012, Emerging Architecture Award Architectural Record 2011, Rome Prize at the Royal Spanish Academy 2009, COAM Award 2012, FAD Architecture and Public Opinion Award 2012 and shortlisted for the BSI University of Mendrisio 2007.

He has also been the director of “Symmetries,” an architecture platform that relates Roman and contemporary strategies in the city. His Ph.D. dissertation focuses on Louis Kahn and Robert Venturi’s discoveries and connections with Rome.

In “Days of Oris 2016” in Zagreb with William Curtis, Patrik Schumacher and Pezo von Ellrichshausen

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We invite you to join us at the 16th Days of Oris in Zagreb, which will be held 15 to 16 October 2016 in the Lisinski Concert Hall.

Days of Oris are international architectural symposium organized by Oris House of Architecture, created after the initial success of Oris magazine that continuously published for the eighteenth year as a bimonthly, and in September this year celebrates its 100th edition.


Ana Kucan (Slovenia)
Landscape architect and winner of Piranesi, central prizes …

With neat (Croatia)
Croatian representative at the Venice Biennale, winner of the Zagreb Salon, Piranesi awards …

Numen / For Use (Croatia / Austria)
design collective endless series of top results

Umberto Bonomo (Chile)
The young creator and promoter, the participant is the most propulsive world architectural scene, one of Chile

Pezo von Ellrichshausen (Chile)
Winners of the Mies van der Rohe prize for America

Patrik Schumacher – Zaha Hadid Architects (UK)
Zaha Hadid Architects – partner and director of

Iñaqui Carnicero (Spain)
Winner of the Golden Lion this year’s Venice Biennale

William JR Curtis (United Kingdom)
One of the most important architectural critics today. The undisputed connoisseur LeCorbusierovog work!

Bernard Khoury (Lebanon)
One of the founders of the Arab cultural center. He was a representative of the Kingdom of Bahrain at the Venice Biennale in 2014, and his work has been exhibited in many academic institutions in Europe and the United States.

Ticket price: 450 HRK
price student tickets: 250 HRK

Days of Oris 16 are included in the program of professional training of the Croatian Chamber of Architects with 18 hours.


Contact person /// May Demšar Brankovic
Oris doo
King Držislava 3, HR-10000 Croatia, Zagreb
tel: + 385 1 37 78 177
fax: + 385 1 37 56 243
e-mail: [email protected]
website: www.

Days of Oris 15

Interview after workshops in Beijin, Chengdoo, Shanghai and Hangzhou

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人物 | 建筑的完成时& 进行时

2016-10-08 T+ T十城市


Iñaqui Carnicero喜欢谈论时间。一段时间里,建筑的作用是什么?一栋建筑中,怎样的设计经得起时间的考验?10年以后,一个国家的建筑潮流又会怎么样?时间意味着物质性的发展,材料的损耗和更新,结构的合理与可靠;更意味着功能性的变化,周边环境如何变化?风格潮流如何迭代?甚至整栋建筑是否还被人们需要?

而荣获纽约建筑师公会大奖的作品39 Social Housing in Vallecas Madrid更能体现


有的建筑中脱颖而出,Iñaqui Carnicero采用了通用的建筑形状,但是利用边角和


“建筑从来不是独立存在,始终要考虑周边的环境,在这个条件下思考自身的灵活性在哪里,是一种对周边环境的延续和复兴。”Iñaqui Carnicero说。

作为建筑师,Iñaqui Carnicero同时也是美国康奈尔大学的建筑设计教授,凭借“Unfinished”斩获2016年威尼斯双年展“金狮奖”之后,他又开始了每年度的全球巡游教学。中国以及东亚地区的蓬勃,近年来让不少西方建筑师趋之若鹜,相比之下,Iñaqui Carnicero更喜欢与当地的学生们接触,他也很明白“教学相长”的道理。

在去年,他首次访问中国,以workshop的形式让一众学生爱上了建筑设计;而今年,他来到更多的中国城市。一张白纸,一把剪刀,一管胶水。Iñaqui Carnicero把这近乎“寒酸”的材料放在学生们面前,不需要什么建筑理论,材料知识,唯一的要求就是做出一个自己喜欢的结构,然后找到这个单元结构的规则,逐渐复制,发展出奇妙的空间。“用手设计”——这个同样被日本设计大师柳宗理推崇的方法,让Iñaqui Carnicero从学生时代起,就受益匪浅。抛开所有的建筑理论和先进的计算机建模技术,以手工的方式来跟从自己的直觉,创造出让自己惊奇的空间。

不同的旅程给了Iñaqui Carnicero开阔的视角,世界的联系也丰富了他的教学理念。中国新兴的城市中所迸发出的激情和能量让Iñaqui Carnicero着迷,而年轻的学生们代表着的,是正在进行中的变化,这些变化决定着我们五年、十年后生活的世界。“我很期待中国在未来5年的变化,很多年轻的建筑设计师学成归来,他们带着更广阔的视野,和世界各地的经验,他们势必会带来更好的改变。而建筑师就是要告诉世人,我们配得上更好的生活状态!”

Iñaqui Carnicero



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