Ten Stories House

private commission

Ten stories’ house investigates an alternative way of living while questioning the classical concept of the villa where the sequence of generic rooms define a domestic environment where the acoustic isolation and visual independence of the spaces facilitates the inhabitation. 

This proposal challenges this notion of fragmentation by defining one main vertical space where the program is not any more linked to a room. In the same way than a bookshelf operates, the section of the house reveles platforms at different levels that eliminate the horizontal partition between floors. The vertical communication not only happens through the stairs but also climing from shelve to shelve, enjoying the discovery of new places of opportunity where activities can happen. Working and Living spaces are connected yet independent in an organization that blurs the traditional boundaries of the different rooms. These spaces structured in an spiral configuration provide maximum flexibility while defining a circulation that allows the contemplation of the landscape in all directions in search of the water views and the long distance perspectives.