RICA* Works featured in the new edition of Association Vol. 5

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Very proud to be part of this great publication.

Association is a collection of work produced by the students, faculty, and alumni of Cornell University’s College of Architecture, Art, & Planning.

Volume Five is unbound and without hierarchy: a collection of plates, each presenting a single project, unique in content, medium, scale, and character. The containing box becomes a framework for indexing, filtering, and categorizing the project plates, revealing commonalities and expanding the scope of each discipline through a series of descriptive tags such as discipline, campus, technology, level of realization, size, and dimensionality. The result is a complex network of relationships, made tangible by a web graphic hidden underneath the cards, an informative diagram that reveals larger trends in the interests, ambitions, and work habits of the AAP community–a set of design “figures” that numerically and graphically express our collective work.

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