Carnicero lecturing at IDB Headquarters sharing his experience in Buenos Aires

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Iñaqui carnicero will be sharing the workshop experience in Buenos Aires working together with Inter American Development Bank BID in collaboration with the Ministry of Environment and the Ministry of Interior. The GEF project is promoting the construction of 128 social housing in 8 regions in Argentina implementing strategies of sustainability and energy efficiency.

The event “Housing what’s next? Challenges and innovation in the Global South” will take place at the IDB headquarters in Washington DC on October 26th.

During the twentieth century the world population increased at a higher rate than at any other period in time, from around 1.5 billion people in 1900 to nearly 7 billion today. Facing these figures, it is impossible not to think about what we have done to accommodate this population, or rather, what all these people have done to obtain housing. Figures indicate that although we have been able to build large quantities of houses, and have begun to cover the quantitative deficit, today the great challenge is to improve the quality of the existing housing stock. At a time in which this effervescent population growth persists–particularly in the geographical regions of the Global South and in emerging economies–the question is how do we change the paradigm and start thinking about housing in relation to the quality of the urban fabric to build better cities.

Responding to this situation the Housing and Urban Development Division of the Inter-American Development Bank started a project called Housing ¿What’s Next? which looked into 100 cases that helps us thinking about housing in a more productive and holistic way. The cases and reflections are compiled in an exhibition and a book which provide a repository of detonating ideas that allow us to learn from what has been done in other contexts and to project in multiple axes how housing can still be exploited as a transformative element for the city.

The exhibition is an invitation to strategically use what we have learned to imagine new solutions and possibilities and to bring to the table a renewed agenda for the development of housing and the city of the future. All the material will be compiled in an IADB publication named Housing: ¿What´s Next? Edited by Veronica Adler and Felipe Vera and published by Lots of Architecture Publishers which will be launched in November 2018.