Hauser Ceremony Awards 2012

Yesterday, at 18:00 in the afternoon at the 23º floor of the Emporio Tower, in Hamburg took place the ceremony of the Hauser Awards 2012. More than 120 houses builded with a lower budget than 1500 euros/m2 attended to the competition and only 4 were nominated to get a prize.
After presenting the third and second prize, the house 1+1=1 was announce to be the winner.
This prize is awarded with 7000 euros and a full image front cover of the Hauser magazine in the especial issue dedicated to the awards.
In the presence of the jury and the members of Hauser magazine it was presented a book with a selection of the houses builded with less than 1500 euros/m2.


Good architecture does not have to be expensive. To prove this, the renowned HOMES AWARD in 2012 is “Building Price-consciouswith the motto. The editorial HOUSES studied in collaboration with the Information Centre and the Association of Private builders concrete eV (VPB) architects who perform well on a budget Great. Advertised is a prize of 15,000 . In addition, the VPB any private owner of an excellent house pays a premium of 1,000 . The Federation of German Architects (BDA) also supports the HOMES AWARD.
We are looking for exemplary solutions that show how to use cost-conscious concepts and creative ideas are not only remarkably effective but also very individual, aesthetically, and can build outstanding functional quality – to save not on the wrong end, or even compromising the
comfort of need, “says homes chief Wolfgang Nagel. Awards will be single-family homes that meet these criteria perfectly and do not exceed their pure construction costs, based on the square meters living area, 1,500 . The results of the competition published HOUSES in March 2012. In addition, the German publishing house (DVA), the best projects in a book to be released at the same time.
Participation is open to architects from all over Europe. Each participant may send a maximum of two projects in the race. Closing date for entries is 23 May 2011. The date of postmark. The decision is final.
Detailed information about the competition and entry forms are available online at www.haeuser.de / awards.